New York Genome Centre to do “everything Broad does”

The New York Genome Centre is planning to do “absolutely everything Broad does”, sources at the centre claim.

The NYGC was created in 2011 when 10 US research centres formed a “groundbreaking scientific consortium”.  The centre opened up its first lab in 2012, and officially launched in 2013.

“Basically, we’re going to do exactly what Broad does” said an un-named source.  “Why would we try and do anything differently?  They’re really good at it” they continued.

The Broad Institute is the leading genomics research institute in the World, formed by a collabration between Eli and Edythe Broad, MIT, Harvard, and the Whitehead Institute.   The Broad Institute is the only thing that makes Boston cooler than New York, and New Yorkians have been furious ever since it was founded.

“And when I say exactly, I mean exactly”, our source continued.  “They move from exomes to genomes; we move from exomes to genomes.  They buy an X Ten, we buy an X Ten.  They employ genomics libertarians from Twitter, we employ genomics libertarians from Twitter.  Everything they do, we do”

In a related story, it’s been revealed that group leaders at the NYGC have been forced to create virtually identical lab websites (link, link).  Joe Mackerel, head of a new statistical genomics lab, said “I can’t believe it, I was going to create something amazing with animated gifs and stuff; but then they made me use WordPress”.  Tuuli Lapland, another new group leader, was unavailable for comment.

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