PLOS Computational Biology to provide relationship advice

In a surprise move, the journal PLOS Computational Biology is to provide relationship advice to the scientific community.

Through it’s PLOS Collections series, the journal has published a series of completely useless papers whose titles begin “Ten simple rules…”, including “Ten Simple Rules for Writing Research Papers”, “Ten Simple Rules for Making up Data” and “Ten Simple Rules for Brown-nosing Professors”.  Despite being deeply, deeply unscientific, these papers have proven very popular on Twitter.

“They’ve proven so popular, and are so unscientific, that we’re going to move into other fields, such as relationship advice”, said Michael Ricin, Chief God at PLOS.  “We’re going to start with ‘Ten ways to please your man’ and ‘Ten ways to please your woman'”, he continued.

One of the problems the journal will face is finding authors within the computational biology community who are actually capable of human relationships.  “It’s a problem”, Ricin admitted.   “These guys are great on Twitter, and in Second Life, but when it comes to human-human communication…. well, there’s a barrier there”

The only married computational biologist in the Universe, Righteous Brown, had this to say:  “Listen, I started off studying math, and I thought they were bad.  Now I’m in computational biology, I can see that those math nerds were like Casanova in comparison.  I’m glad PLOS are making this move, hopefully they can help breed the next generation of computational biologists”.

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