Missing heritability found in Eerie, Indiana

The missing heritability that has so confused geneticists over the last few decades has finally been found – in fictional American town Eerie, Indiana.

Eerie was created by NBC in the 90s, and played host to a series of strange events in 1991 and 1992 before being closed for good.  The TV series was dubbed “X Files for kids” as main protagonist Marshall Teller found himself in a series of creepy situations from which he had to extract himself and his friends

The missing heritability problem states that the heritability of diseases, behaviours and other traits seemingly cannot be explained by the observed genetic information.  Many reasons have been suggested for this, such as epistasis, epigenetics and unsequenceable regions of the genome.

However, a security guard at the NBC archives has now found the missing heritability in Eerie, Indiana, stored within a Foreverware box – Tupperware style plastic containers that can keep anything fresh forever.

“It was kind of green” he said on Wednesday.  “Kind of like a turtle”.

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