Heng Li to release BWA-MEMOIR

Cambridge, Massachusetts.  In a surprise twist, bioinformatician Heng Li is to publish the algorithm underlying his latest software, bwa-mem, as poart of his memoirs.

Heng wrote at great length last year on the difficulties he had faced publishing the software, identifying an unknown reviewer as being hostile and difficult.  Dick Motson called for open review, and Darling Aaron responded.  In what many saw as a triumph for open science, Heng responded to Darling’s review here.

However, it has now been revealed that Heng intends to bypass the peer-review process entirely and publish the software as part of his memoirs.  The repackaged tool, titled BWA-MEMOIR, will sit alongside stories of working for Richard Durbin at Sanger, his joyous reaction to next-generation sequencing and the release of Maq, followed by fulfilment of a life-long dream when he joined The Broad Institute.

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6 Responses to Heng Li to release BWA-MEMOIR

  1. Dammit, now I’m going to have to rush out my own book about those crazy times at Sanger. I’ve got some great anecdotes about Unix one-liners we came up with, and that time someone hosed the compute farm by forgetting to stripe their data.

    • jovialscientist says:

      Oh I think we’d all love to hear the scandalous stories of the sordid activities on the Hinxton campus….

  2. MB says:

    Once I was at a lab barbecue with my then 8-year-old son. He was trying in vain to solve a Rubix Cube when Heng came up to him and said, “Here kid. Let me see that.” And then Heng took the cube and a few moments later handed my amazed boy back a solved Rubix Cube.

    And now my son calls him “The Awesome Dude.”

  3. Ha, that is pretty special.

    So not only is he an “alignment God”, but he also is a master of the Rubix cube?

    I can’t help think that the two are related!

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