Science articles to be published as graphic novels

London, UK.  In a much-anticipated move, articles in the journal Science are to be published as graphical novels rather than traditional scientific papers.

It has long been felt by the scientific community that the clearly fictional accounts of research published by Science are better suited to cartoon format, and that pictorial representations of the “articles” will enable readers to better engage with the quite farcical and often hilarious storylines.

One recent “article”, a fairy story about a magical bacterium from the planet Zog that could grow using Arsenic instead of Phosphorus, was accidentally taken seriously by a group of scientists, who even went to the trouble of publishing alternative studies and commentaries.

“Enough is enough”, said author Wolfie Simon.  “The original story was just so magical that we didn’t believe in a million years anyone would take it seriously.  Clearly some people did though, and we’re sorry for the confusion.  We took out the chapter about the magical pixie dust, due to page length limits. We feel that had that been left in, the fictional nature of our story would have been apparent”

The journal is to be renamed, Science AD2200, and will be available in all good book stores.

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