BGI to be renamed Notorious BGI, get out of sequencing

The BGI, currently the world’s biggest genomics organisation, is to be renamed “The Notorious BGI”, and will release their first album in 2014.  The new album is thought to be a mix of west-coast hip-hop and classic jazz.

BGI were once the biggest investor in the Illumina sequencing technology, but with their purchase of Ion Proton machines last year, they sent a clear signal that they were getting out of the genomics business all together.

David Davidson, head of the Davis Genomics Core at UC Davis, said “It’s very clear now that BGI are going to stop doing DNA sequencing.  That’s why they bought the Ion Protons.  It’s a sign they have no interest in generating good, high quality DNA data any more”

Ion Proton machines are very expensive door stops that simply contain an e-mail address for Michael Flatley, river dancer and CEO of Illumina.

The move into the music business has been much anticipated, with lead rapper Wang Jun already labelled a rock star.

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One Response to BGI to be renamed Notorious BGI, get out of sequencing

  1. Axel K. says:

    BGI should use the GeneGroove App for iPhone to translate their Sequence Production into music. Everything is ready there.

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