Computational biologist challenges everyone to a fight

CALIFORNIA.  A computational biologist has challenged every person in the world to a fight, The Science Web has learned.  This follows several very serious arguments on social media platform and part-time dating-site, Twitter.

Lior “The Lion” Pachter, cage-fighter and computational biologist at UC Berkeley, has become famous for challenging the results of complex mathematical research that no-one else has any chance of understanding.  Unfortunately for followers of Lior, it is impossible to figure out who is right, as complex equations, code and simulations are slung back and forth, with increasing amounts of bold font being used.

The exchanges on Twitter have caused upset within the scientific community, who are far more used to passive-agressive comments made from behind the safety curtain of anonymous peer review, rather then the raw, naked, and public agression shown by “The Lion”.

In an attempt to end the saga, Lior has offered to fight every single person in the world.  Should he be victorious, he would earn the right to be right about everything.  The fights are to be staged in Las Vegas, and are being promoted by Don King.

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4 Responses to Computational biologist challenges everyone to a fight

  1. Dan Graur and Lior Patcher “crossing the streams” on twitter:
    .@DanGraur finally admits that ENCODE was right

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