Scientific trainer gets stuck in infinite loop, has to be rescued by colleagues

UK.  A scientific trainer became stuck in an infinite loop on Tuesday, and needed to be rescued by his colleagues using liberal quantities of Gin and Tonic.

We spoke to a witness who described the terrifying incident:  “A group of us were enjoying an incredibly interesting workshop on bioinformatics training, when someone pointed out how important it was to ‘train the trainer’.  That’s when it all went wrong”

At this point the witness broke down, sobbing:  “The poor guy.  Without thinking, he just stuck his hand up and said ‘Yeah, we also need to train the trainer who trains the trainer’….  Oh God, it was awful”

Apparently the victim, upon realising the infinite-loop impact of his question, simply collapsed into a corner and began rocking back and forth.  His colleagues reacted instantly, preparing four strong Gin and Tonics and pouring them down his neck, probably saving his life.

“He came round, slowly, chanting ‘who trains the trainer who trains the trainer who trains the trainer….'” our witness sobbed, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Doctors at Univeristy Hospital have placed the patient into an induced coma, and intend to assess his mental stability every 24 hours

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