Neanderthals just “trailer trash”, claim scientists

ALABAMA.  Some scientists have reacted with fury to the news that humans and neanderthals interbred, claiming that Neanderthals were just the ancient equivalent of “trailer trash”.

Neanderthals are an extinct species of human under the genus Homo, though their exact relationship to modern humans is hotly debated, as is their extinction.  Many suspect that a large population of Neanderthals still exists in the Northern UK city of Middlesborough, where the characteristic flat forehead is prevalent and natives have only a limited capacity for language.

The interbreeding theory has brought a furious reaction from certain quarters.  “Why, they’re just trailer trash, that’s all!” said Prof JF Christ of the University of Alabama.  “Most humans didn’t have anything to do with them!  Just a few stupid humans, got drunk on fermented apples and gone done something they regretted in the mornng.  Then look what happened!”.  Dr Christ is referring to the theory that Neanderthals contributed several “disease risk” genes to modern humans, including Type II diabetes, Chrohn’s and Lupus.

However, many disagree with the comparison of Neanderthals to “trailer trash”.  “There is considerable evidence that Neanderthals were good parents, which is more than can be said for those who impose bigoted beliefs on their own children” countered Prof D Arwin of the Rationality Insitute of New York.

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