OMICS group to start selling V I @ G R A

HYDERABAD.  Professional spam generator and non-conference organiser OMICS group are to start selling off-label V I @ G R A, The ScienceWeb have learned.

OMICS group were formed in 2008 and have created over 200 fake open-access journals that have never been read; many of them have not published a single paper.  They also organise non-conferences, fooling scientists into attending by announcing fake keynote speakers, such as Professor Optimus Unicorn.

When scientists actually turn up to OMICS group non-conferences, they find only a room containing 4 confused scientists and a table with some half-eaten custard creams on it.

The real value of the group is in the 1000s of real e-mail addresses that they have managed to scrape from the internet, which they constantly spam with invites to their non-conferences and non-journals.  To further exploit these e-mails, they are about to begin a concerted effort to sell them off-label V I @ G R A and C ! @ L 1 5.

In a related move, BITS conferences (China) are about to take over the Nigerian lottery, as well as bank accounts containing the lost fortunes of Royalty and politicians throughout the African continent that need to be transferred to a bank account in the West as soon as possible.

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