Neil Hall to marry Kim Kardashian in summer ceremony

Liverpool.  In a surprise announcement, it was revealed yesterday that genome-rockstar Neil Hall is to marry Kim Kardashian in a summer ceremony in the Bahamas.

Neil achieved fame recently by publishing and releasing the “K index”, a measure of how much hate one can generate on Twitter with a single paper.  In his opinion piece published in We Wish We Were Genome Research, Neil postulated that scientists who spend all their time on Twitter couldn’t possibly be doing important stuff, such as sequencing the Wheat genome.

Kim Kardashian is a feminist icon having become famous for a sex tape, enjoyed a 72-day marriage and been criticised for wearing fur.  In 2010, Madame Tusauds revealed a wax dummy of the reality TV star, leading to reports that no-one could tell the difference between the wax model and the real thing, and that Kanye may have married the wrong one.

Neil and Kim are to marry wearing matching bikinis on a beach in the Bahamas, and have reportedly received a six-figure sum from Heat magazine for exclusive coverage.

As a result of the K index, Kim has been offered a job by Thomson Reuters, and is to join the board of ImpactStory.

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