Miracle Ebola drug to be withheld until companies figure out how to make money from it

Liberia.  Miracle drug ZMapp, which is said to have saved the lives of two American aid works infected with Ebola, is to be withheld from further trials until pharmaceutical companies figure out how to make money from it, The ScienceWeb has learned.

Kent Brantly and Nancy Writbol, rich Americans, received ZMapp after contracting Ebola during an aid mission.  Both survived.  However, 1000s of Africans are currently infected with the deadly virus, and many are asking whether ZMapp will be made available to them.

“The problem is that we’re not in the business of saving lives, per se” our source said.  “We’re in the business of making money.  See, Kent and Nancy, they’re the kind of patients we like, they have health insurance and they’ll pay us thousands of dollars in fees to treat them.  Africans, on the other hand… not so much.  They tend not to have any money, so we don’t really want to save them” he continued.



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