Nature to provide open access to articles using NOAT™ technology

LONDON UK.  In a ground-breaking move, the journal Nature is to make all future articles open access through their proprietary NOAT™ platform.

Publishers have been put under increasing pressure recently for publishing important science behind paywalls, ensuring that only the wealthy get to read journal articles that they publish.  This is made worse as often the research in question is funded by tax payers, who then can’t read papers about the research they funded.

“We decided that enough was enough” a spokesperson for Nature told TheScienceWeb. “We have developed a proprietary system called NOAT™ which will allow anyone to access Nature articles free of charge” they continued.

NOAT™, which stands for Novel Oral Aural Technique, involves someone with a full paid-for access subscription to Nature, actually picking up the telephone, dialling the number of someone without a subscription, and reading the contents of the paper to a person at the other end.

“With our new proprietary NOAT™ platform, we are opening up science to the masses, and enabling true open-access to science” the Nature spokesperson continued, without any hint of irony.

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One Response to Nature to provide open access to articles using NOAT™ technology

  1. Neringa says:

    Guys, you are fantastic, always cheer me up with these news (without any hint or irony) 🙂

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