80% of scientists disgusted at the 80% of scientists who laughed at the 80% of people who think food containing DNA should be labelled

Oklahoma.  In an act of self flagellation not seen since the 13th century, the scientific community are embroiled in an orgy of self hatred after some of them found the results of a survey about food and labelling quite humorous.

The survey, carried out by Oklahoma State, asked respondents whether they supported clear labelling of food which contains DNA.  When 80% responded “yes”, this simply confirmed the well-accepted fact that the general public are morons.  Of course, 99% of food contains DNA, the exception being the cheese found on MacDonald’s burgers, which is thoroughly alien in origin.

However, a microsecond after the first laughter was heard, a liberal posse consisting of Guardian readers and led by Polly Toynbee immediately set about castigating scientists for daring to laugh at stupid people, an act outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

Celebrity science blogger Ed Yong took the full force of the backlash and was forced into an humiliating climb down on Twitter:

Others quickly followed as the wave of ultra-liberal-terror swept social media.  However, the lukewarm reception to Ed’s Tweet (only 35 retweets!) suggests that many in the scientific community do not agree with the change in direction, and many are now worried that scientists will continue to ridicule the idiocy of mankind for many years to come.

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