Most bioinformaticians to be replaced by BEDTools

VIRGINIA.  Most bioinformaticians will be replaced by BEDTools over the next few years, The ScienceWeb has learned.

Throughout the world, institute directors are coming to the dawning realization that simply installing and running BEDTools will save them thousands of dollars compared to the cost of employing bioinformaticians.

BEDTools is a suite of software tools that tells you which things overlap other things in the genome, which is essentially what 95% of bioinformaticians spend their time doing.  Instead of using BEDTools to accomplish this task, however, most bioinformaticians hack 1000s of lines of pointless Python, Perl or Ruby to achieve the same thing.

Darren Quinnlon, author of BEDTools, said “As soon we wrote it, I knew we had killed the careers of the vast majority of chancers out there who claim to be doing bioinformatics.  I’m just surprised it has taken this long” he finished.

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2 Responses to Most bioinformaticians to be replaced by BEDTools

  1. Intersecting ranges, which is basically what BEDTools does, can be done in about 50 lines of Ruby code for (sorted) arbitrarily large BED files:

    Admittedly BEDTools runs an order of magnitude faster, even on unsorted BED files, which is very impressive indeed, and useful. But pretending that this relatively trivial task subsumes most of the bioinformatics field is a bit exaggerated.

    • Miguel Vazquez says:

      After writing my reply I read more news and realized it was a comical site. We got a big kick out of it when I told the anecdote this weekend to my friends.

      Regards from a new fan 😀

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