SGM held at Birmingham to allow scientists to collect filthy new diseases

Birmingham, UK.  The society for grubby microbiology (SGM) is holding its annual conference in Birmingham to allow microbiologists to discover and collect thousands of new diseases that exist only in the streets and sewers of Britain’s filthy city.

Dr Hold Cat, a microbiologist from down under, tweeted this picture of the conference venue:


“I’m used to living in the bush” said Dr Cat “but this really takes the biscuit!”

“We’re basically living in a building site and being fed scraps from the bin” said celebrity science blogger Ed Yong.  “They’re giving us the best possible chance of catching a new, deadly disease.  Everyone is really excited about it!”

Dr Rick Slowman tried to up the ante by taking everyone out for “a curry”.  “It’s the best way to catch something” said Dr Slowman.  “The curry houses in Birmingham don’t really distinguish between different types of meat, so it’s an absolute godsend.  This is definitely going to be the next site of a major zoonotic event, and I’ll literally be patient zero” he finished.

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4 Responses to SGM held at Birmingham to allow scientists to collect filthy new diseases

  1. Visitor says:

    Curry paragraph reads a bit racist. I expect it wasn’t the intention, just highlighting that interpretation.

  2. Visitor says:

    Doesn’t mean it’s dirty: “catch something”, and doesn’t mean it’s not food-standard meat: “zoonotic”. Whether you meant to or not, it reads a bit racist…

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