Your awful, bigoted opinions are encoded in your genes

LONDON. A recent study, published only in The Sunday Times, has revealed that you pass on your shameful, hate-filled, bigotry to your children via your genes.

“It’s incredible – we took a bunch of old, rich, white men with entrenched and out-dated views on virtually everything, and what we found was that their children had equally disgusting views of the world” said Phil Spector, former music producer and now Professor of something at Kings Imperial University College of London. “As there is no other possible way we could think of by which a parent could transfer their opinions to their children, we concluded that it must be genetic” he finished.

However, the study found that the father’s genes contributed only 50% of the bigotry, leading many to speculate that awful views of the world are encoded on the Y chromosome (such as war, hating immigrants and eating beefburgers) whilst softer, more liberal views must be encoded on the X chromosome.

When asked for comment, Eddie Burns, president and principal of Kings College simply shook his head and said “look, he gets lots of citations, OK?”


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