Dan Graur hate-bot shows no sign of slowing down

Houston.  The viral-AI-hate-bot, @DanGraur, shows absolutely no sign of slowing down, and President Barack Obama is chairing a special meeting of the anti-troll committee in an attempt to curb the dangerous levels of hate being produced.

The terrifying AI has produced a new “blog post” almost every day in the month of April, suggesting the evil minds behind the bot are increasing their bizarre anti-science activities.  The bot picks scientific articles at random and attempts to tear them apart using 15th century olde english language.  Many scientists then accidentally spread the hate on social media, mistaking the AI-generated hate-filled-pseudo-babble as coherent argument.

In related news, the frighteningly intelligent sentient math proof, Lior “the lion” Patcher, has stepped up its online campaign to destroy all scientists called “Manolis”.  In recent times, both Manolis Kellis and Manolis Dermitzakis have suffered at the hands of Lior.  Many other scientists called Manolis (plural: Manoli) have been placed under armed guard.

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2 Responses to Dan Graur hate-bot shows no sign of slowing down

  1. Gina DeMarco says:

    Anti-Manoli folie a deux…

    Nice work!

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