Scientist wants to sack everyone who is not good at Math

Berkeley.  After challenging everyone in the world to a fight, and subsequently defeating all opponents, all-American wrestling hero Lior “the lion” Pachter now wants to sack everyone who is not good at Math.

Fresh from his campaign to destroy all living entities with the first name “Manolis”, on his blog (which leaves even rocket scientists scratching their heads in confusion) Lior stated that anyone who is even vaguely bad at math should be immediately sacked and preferably removed from the planet.

“The reason we don’t have aliens here right now is because no-one can do math anymore” he raged, incoherently.  “They are embarrassed to come here.  We don’t understand p-values; we can’t build networks properly; why would they come here?  Why would they think we are worthy of speaking to if we can’t even do math?” he finished.

When asked if aliens speak to him because he is good at math, Lior refused to answer, and just quietly placed a tin-foil hat over his head.

Meanwhile, over on his blog, professional fence-sitter Joe Pickle had no idea whether he agreed with Lior or not.

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