Old privileged idiots defend Tim Hunt and call for sexism to be brought back

LONDON, UK.  A bunch of hugely privileged, pampered old men who have had every single advantage in life, and who have no experience of discrimination in any form, have rushed to the defence of Tim Hunt and called for sexism to be brought back into mainstream culture.

Last month Tim Hunt said something like “Birds are shit at science because they’re constantly thinking about my winky”.  He immediately faced quite reasonable criticism on Twitter, and responded by saying “It was a joke, but I meant it”.  As previous sexist comments from Hunt emerged, he was asked to resign from several high profile jobs that he absolutely doesn’t need, being a 73-year old rich white man with a Nobel prize.

Today, several other old privileged idiots have jumped to Hunt’s defence.  Sir Andre Geim has criticised the response as “ideological”.  When asked what ideology he referred to, he said that “certain people hold the unreasonable view that men and women should be treated equally.  That’s a nonsense ideology and wouldn’t have happened in my day, when men were men and women were quiet”

Jack Szostak of Harvard expressed concern that “one stupid comment” could create a firestorm and force someone to resign.  When it was pointed out that Hunt had a history of sexist comments and repeated his assertion in multiple media outlets, Szostak mumbled something about how he “had never been very good at math”

Avram Hershko, an Israeli scientist, tried to point out that Hunt had been “very unfairly treated”.  “The problem with you guys is you allowed women in the lab in the first place” he continued.  “That’s the problem, none of this would have happened had you kept women in the kitchen, making soup” he finished.

Two other Nobel laureates called for sexism to be brought back.  In a statement, Randy Schekman, of the University of California, Berkeley, and Sir Anthony Leggett, University of Illinois, called for “an end to this equality nonsense”.  “It’s political correctness gone mad.  Women and men are quite obviously not equal – I mean, just think about it, I have a winkything and they have tittiewitties!  Men and women are different, it’s obvious!”.  Leggett added “It’s about time sexism was brought back into science.  Think about it – most of the historical, wonderful scientific discoveried, like gravity and the fact the World is round, were made by men during times of sexism.  Bring it back, that’s what I say!”

The ScienceWeb were left quite speechless.

NB: the quotes above may not actually be real


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7 Responses to Old privileged idiots defend Tim Hunt and call for sexism to be brought back

  1. wibbler says:

    this is all getting way out of proportion, becoming too vicious and self righteous.

  2. wibbler says:

    this whole thing reminds me of this – for some reason i can’t quite fathom –

  3. Pongo snodgrass says:

    … Today we learn that after saying the things that have caused all of the twitter posturing, he said “but seriously” and then made the opposite point (unreported at the time). To any English person this is a clear example of irony, and so the resulting faux outrage is all just bollocks. We have a generation of scientists, it seems, who cannot be arsed to fact check, or who perhaps only see what they want to see.

  4. What’s that about fact-checking? Some journalists did that. But maybe that only counts if you like the way the facts checked out.

  5. Yo mumma says:

    Great addition to the scientific discourse, so glad social media led me here.

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