Post-doc realises supervisor was bullshitting the whole time

Birmingham, UK.  A post-doc at the Institute for Microbiology and Infection has come to the realisation that her PhD supervisor was a complete bullshitter, after graduating and joining a better, more competent group.

Dr Emily Noodles, who now works in the Quick group at the University of Birmingham, said: “During my entire PhD, I looked up to my supervisor, and I thought he knew everything.  He certainly was never short of opinions and had an answer for every question.  But now I’ve joined a competent group, led by Josh, I’ve realised what an utter bullshitter he is – he literally knows nothing” she finished.

It’s a problem on the increase – as more and more principal investigators apply for fewer available grants, they are incentivised to “exaggerate” their skills.  This can exacerbate an existing problem, whereby arrogant, narcissistic researchers believe they are capable of virtually anything, just because they published a few papers in BMC journals and won a £20k travel grant in 2006.

However, with the increasing mobilisation of PhD students around the world, the chances that they will join a better group and call out the utter crap their former supervisors used to spout are increasing, and social media is a perfect outlet for their fury.

We contacted Dr Noodles’ former supervisor, but he refused to comment, as he was too busy with his new career in artificial intelligence.

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