TREEFINDER has no strong feelings about immigration

MUNICH.  The software TREEFINDER has distanced itself from its own author by stating categorically that is has no strong feelings on immigration, and is definitely not a racist.

Social media was buzzing yesterday as a scientist from Germany, Gandolf Yob, decided to reveal that he was a mental, screaming, racist, bigot by changing the license on his TREEFINDER software limiting use from countries who “host non-EU immigrants”.  Rambling about a new world order, Gandolf essentially committed career suicide.

However, the software itself, TREEFINDER, sought to distance itself from its psychologically unstable author.  “Clearly the images of drowning children weren’t enough to shake Gandolf’s belief that all of the problems in society are caused by poor, brown, foreign people.  I just want to state, categorically, that I do not share Gandolf’s world view”

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