New workshops in “Software Dickery” announced

Michigan, USA.  The software carpentry foundation, who run the hugely popular “Software Carpentry” and “Data Carpentry” workshops, have announced a new range of workshops called “Software Dickery”.

Announcing the new range, Will Gregson had this to say: “What we noticed is that there are a lot of software engineers who act like complete dicks; and we thought: how do we teach the next generation to act like that?  And hence Software Dickery was born”

C Brown Titan, one of the major advisors for the new workshops, continued “Software Dickery is all about teaching people how to be complete dicks – they need to get out there onto forums and start bullying n00bs, telling them to RTFM, stuff like that; they need to be getting into pointless arguments about which programming language is the best; and they need to be telling everyone who doesn’t use Jupyter how crap they are, and make them feel worthless”.

“We noticed this kind of behaviour was most prominent in the Python community, so Software Dickery will focus on Python to begin with” continued Brown Titan, a former member of Delta Force.

In the recent past, concerns have been raised about Python’s bullying of other languages, leading to an intervention by the G8.


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